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Category 1: New Registrar of the Year

  • New Registrars who have been on boarded for more than six months in 2022 will be selected as nominees in this category.
  • The registrar with the highest domain registration numbers will be selected as the winner.
  • The top three registrars will be awarded.

Category 2: .KE Marketing Campaigns

  • Registrars in this category will be selected based on notable efforts undertaken to market .KE domain. Registrars who have actively engaged with potential clients/registrants through the year in: - Social media campaigns, direct sales promotions, .KE events, Online marketing will be selected as nominees.
  • The winners must demonstrate that they have actively promoted .KE through the year.
  • The top three registrars will be awarded for this category.

Category 3: Customer Support

The criteria that will be used to select the nominees is as follows:
  • Customer Care: a 24hrs dedicated customer care line
  • Notification: Regular notification to Clients to renew their domains
  • Automation: Automated registration and renewal process
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey Responses sent via email & responding on the timelines and without indicated by the Registry without being reminded.

Category 4: Customer Domain Retention

  • Registrars with over 2,000 domains renewed in the year 2022 will be selected as nominees in this category. The top three registrars will be awarded.

Category 5: Domain Registrations

  • Nominees will be selected based on the number of domains they registered in 2022. The top three registrars will be awarded.

Category 6: Regional Registrar Award

  • This award will seek to recognise top Registrars from these regions: Coast, Rift Valley, Eastern, Western, North Eastern, Nyanza and Central.
  • Registrars with more than 200 domain registration numbers in the year will be selected as nominee.
  • The top three registrars will be awarded.

Category 7: Registrar of the Year

The Registrar must have been in the top three in these categories:
  • Domain Registration
  • Customer Domain Retention
  • .KE Marketing Campaigns
  • Customer Support
It is possible that more than one registrar will be in the top 3 in two or more of the above-mentioned categories. To determine a clear winner, points will be awarded as follows:
Award Categories Points awarded 
Winner 1st Runners up 2nd Runners up
Domain Registration
Domain Retention
.Ke Marketing Campaign
Customer Support

  • The Registrar with the highest total cumulative points will be the Registrar of the Year
Those organizations interested in becoming registrars should: 1) Formally apply to KeNIC. The formal application letter should be sent by post (or delivered by hand) to KENIC, attention the Chief Executive Officer. Please note that the application letter should also be accompanied by your Company's Profile detailing your company's operations, location and abilities. Download the application form from the link below: Registrar Accreditation Agreement
Registrar Application Form
Why Become a KeNIC accredited Registrar
  1. 1. KeNIC accreditation will boost your credibility as an organisation/business.
  2. 2. Opportunity to partner with the Registry in promoting the uptake of .KE
  3. 3. The Registry will offer you marketing support to grow .KE registration numbers.
  4. 4. KeNIC will run.KE  awareness campaigns to support your business.
  5. 5. Access to free training on DNS/DNSSEC offered by the Registry.
  6. 6. TheRegistry will support you by engaging the Regulator on matters related to .KE domains.
  7. 7. Registrars are listed as partners on KeNIC Website.
If you wish to use a credit card to make payments, log into the Registrar Panel and follow the links. Credit card payments reflect in your account immediately. We urge you to use this service for any urgent payments.
Refund Policy: Please note that payments can ONLY be re‑allocated or refunded for a period of up to 30 days from the date of payment.
If you wish to make payment via EFT/RTGS/Cash Deposit or Cheque please use the banking details provided below. Bank: NCBA Account Name: Kenya Network Information Centre Account Number: 6634930017 Bank Branch: Upperhill BranchSwift Code:CBAFKENX Reference: (Your Registrar Name/Code) Use the Registrar's name in the reference section in order for us to allocate the payment to your account. Please send proof of payment to billing@kenic.or.ke
NOTE: We do not accept Post-dated Cheques.
If you wish to make payment via IPAY, follow the process below. For both Mpesa and Airtel money Customers: Enter Business No. 510800 Enter Account No. KENIC Enter the amount you wish to top up. Log into your registrar panel and confirm the payment using the Mpesa/Airtel money confirmation code. iPay payments reflect in your account immediately. We urge you to use this service for any urgent payments
If you wish to make payment via M-PESA (for Safaricom users), follow the process below. On your Mpesa menu, Click on Lipa Na Mpesa. Select Pay Bill Enter business No. 502100 Enter Account No. (enter your registrar code. E.g. KNC) Enter the amount you wish to top up. Mpesa payments reflect in your account immediately. We urge you to use this service for any urgent payments.

Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) conducted a technical registrar training on 10th and 11th April 2019.The training covered;

  • Introduction to Domain Name System.(DNS)
  • DNS Configuration
  • Introduction to Domain Name System Security Extensions.(DNSSEC)
  • DNSSEC Configuration using BIND

Download the materials from the links below:

Introduction to DNS
DNS Fundamentals
DNS Configuration Labs
Introduction to DNSSEC
DNSSEC configuration using bind

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