Become a Registrar

Those organizations interested in becoming registrars should follow these steps:

Step 1, Delivery of application forms

The application forms can be downloaded from the link below. You will also need to sign an Accredited Registrar
Agreement (2 copies) which is also available in the link below.

Once filled the physical forms should be delivered to KeNIC offices located at the CAK centre, opposite
Kianda School. Some of the mandatory requirements include:

Step 2, Evaluation of the application forms

There are a number of questions that the applicant has to answer that will provide KeNIC with the
the following information

The applicant will be evaluated based on how they answer these questions. The evaluation process takes two weeks

Step 3, Payment of the Accreditation fees

If your accreditation application is approved, you will be required to pay an accreditation fee of Ksh 5000. The payment options are Bank transfers, iPay and Mpesa paybill. Note that the accreditation fee is nonrefundable. Payment of the required fees does not complete the onboarding process; you will need to apply for the Registrar license from the Communications Authority as well

Step 4, Application for the Registrar License from the Communications Authority (CA)

Once your application has been approved and the accreditation fees paid, you will get a recommendation letter which will aid your application to CA. This letter is a mandatory requirement and you can not proceed with the application without it

The CA team will review your application and advise. For more information on CA licensing procedures
and requirements, kindly visit

Final step, Access to the KeNIC Registry

Once you get the CA license, you will be granted access to the Registry platform, which you will use to manage your domain portfolio. You will be listed in the KeNIC website as part of the Licensed Registrars. Finally, you will be assigned an account manager who will be your contact to KeNIC

Those organizations interested in becoming registrars should formally apply to KeNIC. The formal application letter should be sent by post (or delivered by hand) to KENIC, attention the Chief Executive Officer. Please note that the application letter should also be accompanied by your Company's Profile detailing your company's operations, location and abilities.

Download the application forms from the links below:

Registrar Accreditation Agreement

Registrar Application Form