KeNIC stands at the forefront of regulating and administering Kenya’s country-code top-level domain (.KE). As the digital landscape evolves, KeNIC plays a pivotal role in maintaining the integrity, security, and accessibility of Kenya’s online presence. One important aspect of this responsibility involves collaborating with domain Registrars, companies authorized to sell and manage domain names on behalf of the Registry. KeNIC has established certain expectations and standards for these Registrars, aligning with its purpose to provide a secure, reliable and accessible .KE ecosystem.

Adherence to KeNIC Policies and Guidelines

Domain Registrars are expected to adhere to the policies and guidelines (KeNIC, 2023) set forth by the regulatory body. These policies cover various aspects, including terms and termination, privacy and personal information, fees and obligations to the Registry. It is important for Registrars to maintain up-to-date knowledge and compliance with these guidelines to ensure a consistent and secure domain management system.

Reliable Technical Infrastructure

Registrars are required to maintain a robust technical infrastructure capable of handling domain registrations, DNS management, and resolving potential issues promptly. This includes having adequate server capacity, security measures, and technical support to address any concerns or disruptions that may affect the smooth functioning of .ke domains. Ensuring uptime and reliability is crucial for a seamless user experience.

Commitment to Customer Service

Registrars are expected to provide efficient and responsive customer support to domain owners, assisting them with domain-related inquiries, technical issues, and any administrative issues they might encounter. A Registrar’s commitment to addressing customer concerns in a timely and effective manner reflects positively on the overall domain ecosystem.

Transparency and Accountability

Maintaining transparency in operations and transactions is important. Registrars are expected to maintain clear and concise records of domain registrations, transfers, and renewals. Additionally, adhering to ethical business practices, ensuring transparent pricing structures, and providing accurate information about domain services contribute significantly to building trust within the domain registration community.

Contribution to Domain Industry Development

KeNIC encourages registrars to actively participate in initiatives aimed at the development and growth of the domain industry in Kenya. This includes supporting awareness campaigns, educational programs, and industry events that promote the value and significance of a robust online presence for individuals and businesses within the country. Registrars are also expected to attend meetings held by the Registry, usually twice a year.


KeNIC’s expectations of domain Registrars revolve around fostering a secure, reliable, and accessible .KE ecosystem for .KE domain holders. By setting clear guidelines, KeNIC aims to cultivate an online ecosystem that benefits both Registrars and domain owners alike. Meeting these expectations not only ensures a healthy domain landscape in Kenya but also contributes to the overall growth and digital inclusion of the nation.