KENIC is a company, limited by guarantee, licensed to manage and administer the dot ke (.ke) Country Code Top-Level Domain (.ke ccTLD) name. This took place after intensive consultations with the Local Internet Community. This public-private partnership was therefore the initial step in facilitating the growth and uptake of the Internet sub-sect ICT in Kenya.

Who is a domain registration Reseller?

With the growth of an industry, there is an emergence of various avenues to generate income. The Domain Name Industry (DNS) has had a significant growth due to increased demand for an online presence, which has created many business avenues for entrepreneurs. Becoming a domain name reseller is one such opportunity for individuals and organizations for making a profit.

A reseller is an agent or representative of accredited domain registrars. They buy domain names from domain registrars on behalf of their clients who want a website but find it difficult to get a desirable domain name of their choice. Such clients often approach web design companies or domain registration resellers who search for various alternative domain names and acquire a domain name of choice for their client. Domain registration resellers often get a commission from the domain registrar. Sometimes, domain registration resellers make a margin on the cost of domain registration while reselling the domain to their client.

To become an accredited domain registrar would mean heavy investment in infrastructure, but as a domain name reseller on the other hand, needs much lesser investment and it’s relatively easy to start a domain name reselling business.

This is the reason why domain name reselling has emerged as a popular business extension or diversification for many web designers, web hosting companies, etc.

Who can be a domain name Reseller?

Any individual or company can become a domain name reseller. Becoming a domain name reseller is a relatively low cost way of entering the domain name market. Most web hosting companies today are either domain registrars or domain name resellers.

Becoming a domain name Reseller

To become a domain name reseller, you can directly engage with KeNIC who will then recommend a Registrar to work with, or you can directly engage with the registrars listed on our website. Registrars who offer reseller programs do have customized packages for them which is done through an automated platform known as WHMCS.

Since the registrars are majorly web hosting companies, they offer a domain a reseller account so that they can host the domain names they resell.