.Ke Domains

.Ke Second Level Domains

Second Level Domain is a sub-domain immediately following .KE. Examples are as follows:-

  • kenic.ke
  • yourname.ke

SLD Policy
Terms and Conditions on the use of .ke Second Level domains

.KE is divided into various domain levels which serve different functions:

  • .co.ke - for Companies
  • .or.ke - for Not-for-Profit-Making Organisations or NGO’s
  • .ne.ke - for Network Devices
  • .go.ke - for Government Entities(Requires Supporting Documents)
  • .ac.ke - for Institutions of Higher Educations.( Requires Supporting Documents)
  • .sc.ke - for Lower and Middle Institutes of Learning. (Requires Supporting Documents)
  • .me.ke - for Personal names
  • .mobi.ke - for Mobile content
  • .info.ke - for Information

Supporting Documents

Some of the Domain Name extensions require “Supporting Documents” in order for them to be registered. These are:


This domain requires supporting documents from the Department of Government IT Services (GITS) at the Ministry of Finance. GITS should give an Authority Letter to show that the Entity is a valid Government institution or Agency and authorized to register the domain name.


KENIC will require either a copy of the Certificate of Registration from the relevant Ministry, a copy of the College Charter or a copy of the Act of Parliament that was passed to establish the Institute. The documents MUST bear the name of the Entity. The document should classify the Entity as a Tertiary Institution: Polytechnic, Technical Institute, College or University.


KENIC will require a copy of the Certificate of Registration from the Ministry of Education. The document MUST also bear the name of the Entity. The document should classify the Entity as a Kindergaten, Primary or Secondary School.

All domains that require supporting documents will generate a ticket that will only be closed by the KENIC Registry Services once the Supporting Documents have been received. Only when the Ticket is closed will the domain be published.

To enhance business competitiveness it is imperative to have an online presence; somewhere where customers can easily access your products and services, and hopefully promote E-commerce.

As the custodian of the .KE domain in Kenya, KeNIC is making the online access of businesses possible through registration of your .KE domain.

.KE domain name reduces promotion and advertising costs since the business name is also the Internet Identity.

It also improves the company’s promotion chances and site visibility. Few search engines will accept any sites without their own domain name.

The ease/probability of acquiring the easy to remember .KE name is greater than acquiring any other namespace - 80% probability.

In today’s World, corporations are at risk of cyber-attacks posed through cyber-squatting, hacking, domain hijacking and intellectual property theft.

Ideal it has now become for scammers to try and use good brands to divert and drive traffic to their website, thus threatening to substantially devalue your brand customer base with potentially counterfeit and grey market sales.

Kenya Network Information Centre; (KeNIC) a not-for profit organization charged with the management and administration of the .KE domain, is at the forefront of ensuring corporates protect themselves from fraudsters and hijackers thus fully maximizing their brand’s potential.

With the little formal policy to protect brands from the risk and costs of image, identity and reputation theft, KeNIC has taken the initiative to raise awareness on importance of brand protection and enable corporates such as to secure their brands online through registration of .KE domain names.

Today, many small, medium and large-sized companies are taking the step to secure their online presence. This is because of the imposing risk of domain hacking and theft of intellectual property rights.

As the official custodian of the .ke domain name in Kenya, KeNIC is encouraging Businesses to protect their brands from cyber threats and crimes through registration of their .KE brand names.

Domain Names are a unique identity on the Internet, however, a .KE domain name, unlike other generic domain names like .com, provides an identity that is a distinct association to Kenya.

Therefore the .KE namespace has the added advantage of providing not only a globally recognized Internet Identity but also an association with one's country.

Here are a few simple steps on how you can register a .ke domain
  • Choose a domain name and search here for its availability
  • Select a registrar from our list and ask them to register the name for you
  • Pay for the domain name
  • Enjoy your new domain name
Please note that registration charges may vary from one registrar to another

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