Is The Domain Name Yours?

When registering a .KE domain name, it’s normal for you to approach the first person you know to have ICT skills for advice or recommendations on how to go about it. Chances are high that the person you seek this information from could either be family or a friend, and based on their skills you’ll feel secure with the feedback they give.

Realizing an opportunity, the person will request to do the domain registration for you, where they will approach a KeNIC accredited registrar and purchase the domain name for you. For a domain name to be active, it needs to be hosted, which is a separate service from domain registration. To build value to it, you can consider building a website, application or even customized emails with the domain name.

The person you entrust to register a domain name for you, will then input their contact information as WHOIS, which gives them full control over its management and administration, leaving you at their mercy on how you use it. According to the KeNIC WHOIS policy, the ownership data availed during registration is presumed to be the actual owner, thus no one else can claim ownership or make any changes to it. If the information given does not belong to you, it makes it difficult to access the domain incase of a fall out or misunderstanding with the person.

We therefore recommend that when registering a .KE domain name, always ensure that the contact information given is correct and accurate. Failure to this could lead to ultimate suspension and deletion of the domain name. This leads to 90% of domain name disputes received at the KeNIC Alternate Dispute Resolution committee, which offers mediation for free. These disputes are lodged through [email protected] and the process is fully voluntary.


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