What Is Data Privacy?

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Data privacy is like keeping that diary locked and hidden so only you can read it. It’s about protecting your personal information from people who shouldn’t have it, like strangers or companies, so they can’t misuse it or see things you don’t want them to see. It’s all about keeping your secrets safe! Imagine your personal information, like your name, address, or things you do online, is like your secret diary. Data privacy is making sure that diary is kept safe and not shared with anyone who shouldn’t see it, without your permission.

Why Is Data Privacy Important?

Protects Personal Information: Data privacy keeps your secrets safe, like your name, address, and what you do online.

Prevents Identity Theft: If someone gets hold of your private info, they could pretend to be you, which is like someone stealing your identity.

Keeps You Safe Online: Privacy helps keep you safe from strangers or companies trying to track what you do online.

Respects Your Choices: It’s important that you get to decide who gets to see your info and who doesn’t.

Builds Trust: When companies or websites respect your privacy, it shows they care about you and can be trusted with your information.

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