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A premium domain name is basically a high-quality domain name. Sometimes when searching for a domain name, you will realize that the name you want to register is unavailable for registration and yet it is not also available when you do a WHOIS search. The Registry usually reserves certain domain names that they perceive are more valuable and should be priced higher than other domain names.

Alternatively, premium domain names could also be domains already registered and for you to get them, you will have to pay a higher price than the original purchase price.

Why you should buy them?

1. They are brandable

The demand for a domain name is directly proportional to its perceived brand value.

For example, .design.ke is extremely indicative and easy to remember. It could be a great investment for a design studio or an architect or any creator for that matter. Therefore, it comes at a premium price.

2. They are short

In the online world, short, simple, and memorable is the key to a great online presence.

Let’s compare .onlinebeautyshop.ke and beauty.ke. While the former domain name has the necessary keywords, the latter is short, memorable, easy to communicate, and is keyword-rich all at once.

3. They are great for SEO

When you combine meaningful keywords with industry-specific domain extensions such as .space, .online, or .tech, you are sure to land yourself a keyword-rich domain name.

For example, a domain name such as .tutorials.ke can attract topical backlinks giving your website a great SEO boost.

4. They are relevant

A domain name is exclusive to its owners and no two entities can own the same one.

If you are a business looking for a domain name, you need to make sure you choose one that clearly defines what you offer.

For example, a domain name such as .construction.ke explicitly tells what the business or website might be about.


With a little research and patience, you will be able to find some hidden gems in the domain auctions. Look out for KeNIC’s SLD AUCTION in November 2022 to secure the names you want. Visit auction.kenic.or.ke for more information.


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