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SEO Tips for Your .KE Website

With the COVID-19 pandemic dying down slow, many business entities are still experiencing online visibility challenges. This comes from the fact that COVID-19 trended for the majority of last year and this year. It also means that for better visibility local websites need to start focusing more on local SEO to bring more relevant web traffic and conversions to your local website.
SEO tips for your blog or business Entity:
1.Start with Google
Whether you’re a blogger or business owner, having a Google business account is one of the basic strategies to help you rank high on Google search. Most customers start most of their searches by typing on the google search engine.

To get ranking well with Google, go to Google and type open a Google business account. Once there you will be requested to provide accurate information about your business. Be sure to fill all the details of your business e.g., working hours, services provided and images of your organization or product/service. Once you complete this, your business will be visible online to people within your chosen area on Google maps.You can now proceed to publish events, articles, and related news via your Google dashboard to gain more local visibility for your site.

2.Improve Your Website Outlook
Here we are not only talking about web picture quality, but content. Your web content should be top notch as content still rules for SEO. You can use the Keyword planner to look at the local keywords to use for your target audience.Your website should also load faster and provide fonts that are easy to read. All this will help customers as the majority of customers access web content via their mobile phones when compared to desktops.

3.Ask For Reviews From Your Loyal Followers Or Customers
While it takes time for online visitors to warm up to your .ke brand or local blog, it is always good to reach out to your followers once you realize they follow you on a serious note. You can reach out to them and ask them to write a short review of their experience with your business or blog and put it on your .ke website. Through various searches it has been concluded that a majority of today’s customers check out your website or business reviews before engaging with you. Thus, always be professional when handling their comments and reviews in regards to your blog or business as not all reviews will be positive.

4.Stay With Local Trends
While there is the urge to write global stories for a wide audience, it’s always a good idea to keep your blog or business website filled with local content. You can provide local information that is related to your business niche. This information must not necessarily try to capture all audiences. You therefore can dedicate specific web pages to reach out to specific locations thus tapping in to different customer segments.

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