Raising Awareness On Matters Data Privacy

Raising Awareness On Matters Data Privacy

Data privacy is part of the protected information that deals with the proper handling of data incorporation with the data privacy laws and regulations. However, it is centered and directed on collecting, storing, managing, and sharing data. In addition, it controls how data can be prevented from being misused by the third party for fraud such as theft. Therefore, it is recommended that people continue to raise awareness on data privacy matters so that the information provided can help and rescue individuals whose information is kept private.

It is important when privacy is considered a fundamental human right and part of data laws. However, due to the current world where the Internet involves everything people do, data privacy is paramount at any cost. Personal data can be misused in various ways if not kept private. It may initiate the access of criminals who can get your personal data, which they may later use to harass the users. Consequently, it can lead to theft from the users.

Moreover, a person’s activities may be tracked and monitored by criminals; and this may restrict their ability to express themselves freely with their properties. Therefore, when awareness is raised, such activities as online tracking can be prevented.

Losing control of data when using online services is common, therefore, individuals should be aware of how their data can be shared beyond their control on the website. It mostly happens when people share and interact online. Due to this, fraud may occur when people are online. Web application transparency to the user should be installed where the user can have control over their data.

In addition, awareness leads to trust, which can give people confidence over their private information. When an individual knows how the pirate can access their private data, they can use the same information to protect it. Moreover, it gives the user freedom of social activities to associate with other people in social media freely without any fear.

KeNIC is at the forefront of championing data security through ensuring the WHOIS policy is aligned to the Data Protection Act, as well as conducting training for .KE accredited registrars on the process of signing up .KE domains on DNSSEC to enhance their security online.



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