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Protect your Brand Online

What is brand protection?
Brand protection is a security measure that safeguards your business, name or domain from copyrighting, counterfeiters, and infringers from other parties that may be interested in what you do or competitors who do something similar. This limits one from not only loss of revenue but also protects your company’s image, reputation, and overall value.
Protecting your brand
Keeping a brand’s intellectual property protected is not mandatory or a legal requirement but saves you a lot. Every brand must have unique strategies in place that scares counterfeiters from targeting their brands. Competitors are very persistent when it comes to targeting companies they think of profiting from. They won’t stop at anything and will use every tactic in their jurisdiction to stay in business.
Brands have come up with a few strategies that they can use to fight against infringers. Well-known techniques used by brands to safeguard their entities are:
●Registering intellectual property: The Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) is open to anyone wishing to trademark their Brand. Very little or no action can be taken legally if your brand isn’t registered formally. A product without a registered trademark is taken as copyright-free and can be used by anyone. Thus, having your Brand registered at KIPI is the first step towards creating a brand protection system.

●Keep your agreements confidential with partners: Never disclose the content of your agreement with partners if you are not intending to run a project together. Working with other companies while not having any kind of protection for confidential information might put your brand at risk.
●Active Social Media Engagement: Infringers are more active on social media. So, brands need to have a strong presence on social media to prove themselves as authentic. Having on-site reporting tools, undercover accounts can act as whistle blowers that will alert you once a duplicate brand imitates what you do as core business.
●Creating Brand awareness through Ads: Customers will easily recognize the differences between legitimate products and fakes themselves, then they are most likely to remember the genuine brand, which is yours.
Online brand protection will solidify your product’s status in both the industry and the market. benefiting you and your brand in the long run and will save you from court cases in case of any dispute.
Your brand is your identity. Competitors infringing it will only cause a negative reputation for both you and your brand’s image. Protect your brand online.

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