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KeNIC Domain Price Review

Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC), the administrator of .ke top-level domains announced a price review, so as to increase the uptake of .KE domain names and propel the Registry towards the goal of having a .KE for every organization and individual.

This move was fueled by the need to ensure .KE domain business remains competitive and by way of addressing concerns raised on growing .KE domain numbers. Following the COVID-19 pandemic which resulted in the closure of many businesses. Others re-invented the wheel and focused on their digital presence so there was a surge in the uptake of .KE domain names. To ensure these businesses stay online throughout and at an affordable cost, we revised the renewal rates to match the domain registration rates.

With a .KE domain name, you will have these value propositions for your brand:

Search Engine Optimization:
Using a ccTLD gives you a higher SEO value for country-based search results. This is because search engines return different results, including many local ones, depending on the IP address of the person doing the search.

ccTLDs are good for credibility and they give visitors to your website more confidence. Since they consider the website to be local, visitors may feel that it’s easier to make purchases, especially if they see that the address is somewhere that they recognize rather than a foreign address.

Guaranteed Support:
With a .ke domain, KeNIC will always support the .ke Registrars and Registrants. There’s always communication between KeNIC’s registrars and registrants to make sure they are enjoying their online presence, and to handle any queries they may have, through our Customer Care Team.

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