Second Level FAQs ( .KE)

FAQs Questions

 1. Is the domain price inclusive of VAT?

 No its exclusive. It's the domain price plus VAT

 2. Will the price be revised after the launch to accommodate smaller enterprises?

 The price will be reviewed by the board periodically

 3. What criteria shall be used to select the reserved domains?

 No domains will be reserved

 4. What is the step by step application process for the sunrise period?

 The application process can be found at

 5. Will the names be reserved as per the trademark name or domain names used to trade bearing in mind that trademarks are registered under different clusters? Bidding

No domains will be reserved

6. Will companies be allowed to secure names associated with their trademarks-trademark the name first

Domains will be evaluated during the cooling off period

7. Will registrars with trademarks get 1st priority.

No priority

8. What criteria shall be used in bidding/auction and what will be the step by step process?

The domains will be auctioned during the Land rush period. The process will be communicated

9. For instance, If Kenya Network Information Centre is my Trademark, can I register /apply for or during sunrise?

Domains will be evaluated during the cooling off period

10. Is the sunrise period open to Kenyan Trademarked companies only?

Only Companies registered under Kenyan Trademarks Act will apply

11. Is there a portal in place to reserve the names to facilitate a ticketing system or a system similar to the application process?

No domains will be reserved. The registry system will handle the Second level domain application process.

12. Is there a system in place to enable publishing of the reserved names?

We will not publish names of applications submitted and no domains will be reserved

13. How often will the approvals be done?

Approvals will be done during the Cooling off period

14. What measures are in place to minimize domain disputes?

We have 4 phases of Second Level Domain Registration, that is Sunrise, Land rush, Cooling off period and General Availability

We also have the Alternate Dispute Resolution Process

15. Is the Registration process open to CA licensed registrars only or all registrars?

It's open to all Registrars

16. Are you able to provide a date that the sunrise period will open? specific dates for each period

Please find the information at

17. Are existing domain name holders able to register during this Sunrise period? If so, what is the cut-off date for the registration?

Yes, if they have trademarks. The dates can be found at

18. What happens if and applicant apply for the same domain name who gets it?

The one with the trademarks will get

19. The policy mentions that an applicant can register domain name similar to a mark. What does this mean? If we have the Kenyan mark for Lexsynergy can we register Synergy?

Domains will be evaluated during the cooling off period

20. Will the registered domain be active during the sunrise period?

No, it will be active after Cooling Period

21. At what point will payment of the domain be made?

Once you receive a communication from KeNIC that the domain is successful after Cooling off  Period

22. During the Sunrise Period will KENIC prioritize domain holder of a to get the or does the name of the KE domain have to correspond to the name in the trademark certificate?

KeNIC will not prioritize any domain name.

Domains that correspond with the trademark Certificate will be evaluated in the Cooling Off Period