1. First, if you have a great domain name and nothing to show when people visit, you’re missing out on potential advertising revenue, leads, and partnership opportunities. Kindly contact any of our accredited Registrars from the list on the KeNIC website, let them register your domain, host it then start the process of having them build an affordable Website as you grow your business.
  2. Second, if you’re buying or selling a domain name and you want an estimate of its value, there are lots of online tools that provide key information about the most important statistics so you can make an informed decision based on data. By visiting the sites, you will; be able to know the market price, the demand and the target market of your domain. This will help you not to under-value or overprice your domain name.
  3. If you are a Web developer, chances are that you can make an extra coin by bundling your SLD and a website, so that a potential client can have what they need as a package. Many clients always want their Website, domain and hosting done at a central place by a single entity. This will increase their trust and referrals are a good marketing tool thus having lots of traffic from new customers.