A domain name can be a very valuable asset for an organization. One invests a lot of resources to get a domain and it will be your business’s online brand. It is important not to lose your domain name through oversight, deception and illegal activity.
In this article, we explain how you can protect your domain name.

Ensure the domain name is Registered to the proper entity
A domain name registered under a company’s name or trademark should be registered to the same company that owns the trademark. Individuals tasked with registering the domain name on behalf of a company should not be allowed to register the domain with his or her name. This may cause conflict in the future if the individual leaves the organization and is not willing to release the domain name. In instances where the domain was already registered by an individual’s personal information, the organization should ensure to have their details updated by their Registrar.

Use a strong password
Domain name passwords are sensitive and should be prioritized the same way one may prioritize a bank account password. If a domain is not protected someone can get access to your domain name and transfer it to themselves.

Renew the domain for the longest period available
One of the common reasons why people lose their domain names is that they fail to realize their domain has expired. Once you register a domain name, you reserve ownership of the domain for a certain period of time. If a domain is not renewed within this time period, it will be deleted and will be available for registration by interested parties. It is important to keep track of the expiration date. Many domain names can be registered for up to 5 years and doing so will make it less likely for you to lose the domain name. You can also choose an ‘auto renew’ option so that your domain registration renews should it expire.

Provide sufficient contact information
It is advisable to provide various contacts so that your Registrar has multiple ways to reach you. A business, for example, can provide contacts to the ‘admin’, ‘billing’ and ‘tech’ team to ensure there are multiple avenues where the Registrar can communicate with the organization. If there is an issue with the domain name, your Registrar can contact one of those departments.

Select a reputable Registrar
There are a lot of individuals purporting to be domain name Registrars. These individuals may trick Registrants into paying unnecessary fees or transferring their domain names unknowingly. It is important to do research on Registrars under consideration to ensure that one is not scammed or will not lose his or her domain name in future. Stick to the KeNIC accredited registrars.

Implementing these precautions will help to avoid unnecessary conflicts and disruptions with your business. In today’s age, a company’s domain name is an important asset and should be protected. The KeNIC website has a list of reputable Registrars licensed to register domain names on behalf of Registrants. Check them out on https://kenic.or.ke/registrars/.


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