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How much are the domain fees?

The fees charged by Kenic shall be in line with global norms. The aim is that they should support the operations and goals of Kenic whilst being competitive enough to attract registrants who might otherwise choose to use a gTLD instead.

Billing Cycle.

All domains will be charged annually with invoices being issued three months prior to the domains expiry date, and payable within 30 days. The annual renewal period will be on a 12-month basis from the initial domain registration date. Any domain for which payment has not been received within the 90 days will be suspended. Any domain for which payment has not been received within 90 days will be de-registered and deleted. The name will be returned to the pool and available for registration by new registrants immediately. Reminders will be sent after 30, 60, and 90 days.

New Domains.

On registration of a New Domain, the registrant will be expected to pay the fee according to the package they have chosen.

Invoicing Modalities.

Invoicing will be by E-Mail to the Billing Contact address specified in the records for that domain, (which is the responsibility of the Registrant).


All Registration and Renewal fees are subject to VAT.

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