Domain Name as a National Identity.




Domain Names are a unique identity on the internet, Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs) unlike other generic domain names, provide an identity that has a distinct association to a country.

Few people think of an internet domain name as anything other than an internet address, as a matter of fact ccTLDS like .KE not only give a globally recognized internet identity but also give a national identity as a Kenyan.

ccTLDS across the world, promote local identity in large corporates, small and medium sized companies, institutions of learning, government entities and individuals.

Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC), the entity charged with the management of Kenya’s Country Code Top-Level domain (.KE) has over the years demonstrated its commitment to promote the Kneyan heritage throughout the country. KeNIC has run numerous campaigns to promote the domain and competitively priced the domain to make it affordable to many Kenyans. This effort has paid off with KeNIC recording a steady growth in domain registration over the years. In 2015 there were 46,000 .KE domains registered, in 2020 the number has grown to over 100,000 domains. The growth has been relatively slow and this is attributed to the poor perception of ccTLDs and the fear of not having a global reach. However, ccTLD functions the same way as generic domains.

.KE, the country code top level domain for Kenya, identifies websites related to Kenya. Entities using the .KE domain should do so with pride in their national identity. It’s time that as Kenyans we take pride in promoting our own unique identity and tell our own story. A domain name can go just beyond the technology and science behind it  to be a gateway into cultural education and understanding.

A ccTLD domain name allows you to target traffic from specific areas of the world. A business based in Kenya with a .KE domain name that wants to attract visitors from Kenya will show up in search engine results of those living in Kenya. In addition, a ccTLD domain like .KE is likely to give your website visitors more confidence to do online business with you, it gives you the  authenticity that comes with owning a .KE domain name.

As the custodian of the .KE domain in Kenya, KeNIC is making online access for corporates, businesses and individuals possible through the use of the .KE domain. It is important that you get a domain name that will not only give credibility to your business by making your company look professional but will also give you an online identity that is unique to you, your business and uniquely Kenyan. Connecting Kenya to the world.

By: Perris Onyambu.


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