Accreditation means an independent body recognizes that someone or a company is licensed to offer a specific service. A “credited registrar” is an organization or a company authorized by a “credited body” to perform a certain duty or render a service. By being accredited, it shows that they have met the requirements and have satisfied the accrediting body.

When a person becomes an registrar, it provides independent confirmation that they are capable of providing high-quality services to their clients on a consistent basis. This will confirm that they are credible, trustworthy, and trustworthy to do business with.

Some of the benefits of becoming a KeNIC registrar are:

  • KeNIC accreditation will boost your credibility as an organization or business.

An organization that has been accredited by KeNIC to administer domain demonstrates that they are trustworthy and credible enough to provide the services.If the business has a solid and trustworthy reputation, customers are more likely to buy domains from them and also advertise the business to other people.

  • Possibility of collaborating with the Registry to promote the use of.KE

The registrars’ collaboration with KeNIC provides an exceptional opportunity for registrars to advertise the services that they provide.As KE domains become more popular, brand visibility and profit increase.

  • The registry will offer you marketing support to grow. KE registration numbers.

As KeNIC, we offer marketing support to our registrars on any upcoming projects that they may have. The beauty of such support is that it helps the registrar expand on the ways they can promote and sell the KE registration numbers.

  • KeNIC will run KE awareness campaigns to support your business.

KeNIC usually runs awareness campaigns on behalf of registrars, which gives an opportunity to get feedback. Such feedback can be used to understand what customers want and do not want. Based on the feedback, changes can be made to improve customer service.

  • Registrars are listed as partners on the KeNIC website.

When one becomes a KeNIC registrar, they get a first-hand opportunity to be listed as partners on the KeNIC website. By being listed, it also drives traffic to their website, which increases with the uptake of the.KE domain.


Apart from these benefits, there is a lot that a registrar can benefit from by becoming our registrar. Contact us today and become one