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The Kenya Network Information Centre (KENIC) was established through the facilitation of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) and was issued with it’s license by the authority on 16th December 2015.KENIC is a company, limited by guarantee, licensed to manage and administer the dot ke Country Code Top-Level Domain (.ke ccTLD) name. This took place after intensive consultations with the Local Internet Community. This public-private partnership was therefore the initial step in facilitating the growth and uptake of the Internet sub-sect ICT in Kenya.


.KE for every organisation and individual by 2030


To manage and promote a secure and reliable .KE domain.

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The Subscribers to the MEMART::

Prof. Meoli Kashorda

Kenya Education Network (KENET) -Chairperson

Prof. Meoli Kashorda is currently the Executive Director of Kenya Education Network, the Research and Education Network of Kenya (www.kenet.or.ke) and a Professor of Information Systems at the United States International University, in Nairobi, Kenya (www.usiu.ac.ke).

Francis Mwaura

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Authority - Vice Chair

Geoffrey Shimanyula

Technology Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK)

Kamundeh Kimathi

Domain Registrars Association of Kenya (DRAKE)

Associate Directors:

Isabel Juma


Lillian Ngala

Human Resource

Stephen Kiptinness


Meet the KeNIC Team

Joel Karubiu

Chief Executive Officer

Fiona Ongeso

Human Resource Manager

Joseph Marwa

Snr. System Administrator

Hildah Maina

Finance Manager

Perris Onyambu

Marketing Manager

Maureen Fedha

Administrative Assistant

Evans Muleka


Abigael Omwenga

Office Assistant

Ahmed Landi

System Administrator

Beth Wanjiku Njau

Asst. Systems Administrator

George Gacheru


Terry Asena

Team Leader, Marketing and Communications

Vincent Nyagah

Marketing and Communications Executive

Stephen Wafula

Marketing and Communications Executive

Joel Lumumba

Customer care executive

Our Partners


As part of our plan to grow the .ke domains we have partnered with Nairobits.


Watoto Watch

Watoto Watch Network (WWN) is a child-focused non-profit organization that is taking the lead in raising awareness on Child Online Protection by implementing informative and sensitization programs on internet safety.



The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a nonprofit organization responsible for coordinating the maintenance and procedures of several databases related to the namespaces and numerical spaces of the Internet, ensuring the network's stable and secure operation



AfTLD (African Top Level Domain) is a non-profit organization composed of registry operators in Africa


Communication Authority of Kenya

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) is the regulatory authority for the communications sector in Kenya.


Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET)

Kenya Education Network Trust (KENET), the National Research and Education Network (NREN) of Kenya is a not-for-profit membership operator incorporated to support research and education institutions



The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Authority is a State Corporation under the Ministry of Information Communication and Technology. The corporation was established in August 2013. The Authority is tasked with rationalising and streamlining the management of all Government of Kenya ICT functions.


Huduma Kenya

Huduma Kenya Programme is a Government of Kenya initiative whose aim is to turn around public service delivery by providing efficient and accessible Government services at the convenience of citizens through various integrated service delivery platforms. The Ministry of Public Service Youth and Gender Affairs is implementing the program through the Huduma Kenya Secretariat.


Brand Kenya

The Brand Kenya Board is tasked with the responsibility of identifying and refining the key attributes of Kenya, that contribute positively to the image and reputation of the Nation. Our goal is to enhance these characteristics and create an authentic, credible brand for the country that establishes our uniqueness in the global arena. Athletics, culture, tourism, horticulture, development in ICT, telecommunication, education and our heritage can contribute generously towards improving the country's attractiveness to holiday makers, nature conservationists, artists, investors and other nationals who would like to make Kenya their home.



The Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet) is a multistakeholder platform for people and institutions interested in information and communications technology (ICT) policy and regulation. It was established in 2003 as part of APC's project on Catalysing Access to ICTs in Africa (CATIA). The network seeks to act as a catalyst for reform in the ICT sector in support of the national aim of ICT-enabled growth and development.


Eldo Hub

EldoHub is an I.C.T. and entrepreneurship innovation hub located in Uasin Gishu County in the western region of Kenya with the aim of helping to create and grow young tech businesses, and help them survive in their early stage by providing them with the necessary support and also financial and technical services.


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The service charter is a manifestation of our commitment to rendering the best services as well as providing ways of communicating with our clients.

Its a promise to provide high quality and consistent .KE service.

KeNIC Service Charter

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