Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) is a non-profit-making organization which manages the Domain Name registration service for .KE domains under the authority delegated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

KENIC organizes the space for .KE names via classifications designed to divide the .KE name space in such a way that it facilitates the accommodation of different kinds of institutions and sectors of activity. The registration of domains takes place under one of the .KE sub-domains.

The KENIC policies govern the relations between us, KENIC (registry), the registrar and the customer (the domain-name holder/ owner/ registrant). Submitted applications for domain registration services are approved online, and services are offered by our registrars.

If your .KE domain name registration for a particular domain name previously was provided under arrangement with a previous registry, your continued registration of that domain name and the use of our .KE domain name registration services constitute your assent to the terms of our Agreement. The statement below covers this clearly.

If you submitted an application for our .KE domain name registration services, the Effective Date of the Agreement shall be the date of our acceptance of your application. If you previously received .KE domain name registration services from the previous registry, the Effective Date of the Agreement is 1st March 2003.



The entity of domain names ending in one of the 2-letter country codes specified from time to time in ISO 3166.


An organization selected by the "Registrant", responsible for carrying out tasks related to domain registration.


Means with full connectivity and interoperability with the DNS

ccTLD Registry Manager or Manager

Means the person responsible for managing the ccTLD registry, as evidenced by their entry in the IANA database as the manager.


A company, organization or individual for whom a name has been registered as a domain name in the ccTLD domain name register.


Technical identifiers containing alphanumeric characters, used instead of Internet addresses indispensable for the communication through the Internet, due primarily to their easy-to-remember nature.


The authorized party (natural person or legal entity) as is solely entitled to claim use, or own rights, of the domain.

The Policies and regulations shall be interpreted and construed under the laws of Kenya.