Grandfathering Phase:
We would like to bring to your attention the introduction of a Grandfathering Phase that will run from 23rd October to, the 31st of December 2017 11.59pm.
This Phase will allow for existing third level domain owners to register similar names to their third level domains on the second level(i.e If i own i will be able to submit my application for
Please note that the applications will be made through the registrars and shall be accompanied by Business name certificates to show proof of ownership.
Each registrar shall submit a PDF document with the list of third level domain names and specific second level domain names that are being applied for and scanned business name certificates for the names.(Format is below)
We urge you to compile a list and send it either at the beginning or end of each week for ease of processing
An example of how the PDF document format should be is:
Third Level Domain Second Level Domain Registrant Info Kenya Network Information Centre Kenic Tours LTD
Please note that the Registrant Info field must match the registrant info of the already registered domain