Cooling-Off Period

The Registry will offer an approximately Thirty (30) days the Cooling-off period immediately following the Sunrise and Landrush Periods.

The Registry will assess whether the applications meet the eligibility criteria for the respective phases. Applications not fulfilling those and which have not been rejected at an earlier stage will be rejected.

Eligible applications will be evaluated and prioritized according to the following criteria before Domain Names are allocated based on the following principles:

1.Sunrise applications prevail over Landrush applications.

2.Landrush applications with multiple eligible applications are resolved by means of an auction. There is no obligation to participate in an auction. The Domain Name will be allocated to the remaining or prevailing Applicant.

Where no eligible applications for a Domain Name have been received during the Sunrise Period and multiple eligible applications were received during the Landrush Period, the Applicant or Applicants with a trade mark registered under Trade Marks ACT (CAP 506) Laws of Kenya shall prevail.